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Breakfast with Mugabe

Scenic Design

We are invited to eavesdrop on the volcanic conversations between Robert Mugabe, controversial president of Zimbabwe, and his psychiatrist as he seeks help. He is being haunted by a vengeful spirit, the ghost of a former revolutionary comrade turned potential rival. In this suspenseful historical thriller we explore whether or not Mugabe is a monster or a victim, freedom fighter or dictator. Breakfast With Mugabe is a taut meditation on guilt and power - a look into one man's sick conscience.

By Fraser Grace

Director Louis Farber

Bret Reese - Lighting
Carol Simmons  - Costumes

Derek Stevenson - Sound Design

Natalie Andrews - Dialect Coach

Gerald Willow - Technical Director

Photos by Laura Durant

Broadway World Review

The Black Theatre Troupe - Helen K Mason Performing Arts Center
Phoenix, Arizona

October 2019

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